Christian O’Connell + Hamish and Andy

They call it a “world radio first”: Christian O’Connell’s breakfast show on the UK’s Absolute Radio,and Hamish and Andy’s drivetime show on Australia’s Today FM Network, broadcasting together to both countries… and, well, everywhere else, really, online, which makes my three-country setup a bit like Inception. The main riff was inevitably on the differences between the Brits and the Aussies: stereotypes, possible cross-country war, and plans to steal the Olympic flame to make barbecues out of it. But it was Hamish and Andy who stole the show with their “looser” style inevitably outstaging Christian’s gentle bullying. (Not that he didn’t try, though. I guess it’s me being more acquainted with the OC’s work, having been listening to him for the past few years.) All good, though: both seemed to enjoy the show, and the geek in me did, too. (Listen to and download the talky bits from the whole show here.)

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