Review: Strangeland by Keane

Strangeland by KeaneAfter a gloomy, drone-y second release and a happy, synch-y third release (and, of course, the Night Train EP) Keane returns to the sound that made them famous on their fourth release, Strangeland. However, they don’t exactly recapture the sound of Hopes and Fears. Now, that album had a lot of brilliant moments – from the sweeping intro to “Somewhere Only We Know” to the entirety of “Bedshaped” – but Strangeland left me underwhelmed. Aside from the surprisingly fun third track “Disconnected”, the album feels like it came from the assembly line rather than from an artisan. And I’m saying this as a Keane fan. Maybe it’s the hopeful lyrics (now that’s an argument Dex definitely won) but I’m convinced it’s more because the band has already pushed the boundaries, and to hit reverse on all of that feels like a bit of a cop-out. | 3/5

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