Review: Listen Up! by Haley Reinhart

Listen Up! by Haley ReinhartI’m assuming the plan was to showcase Haley Reinhart’s distinct vocals by wrapping it around things that complement it: swinging 60s instrumentation, some Motown flavor, and some stomping (organic) beats. Listen Up! provides that in spades, from the too-short B.o.B collaboration “Oh My!” to the so-swag “Keep Coming Back”. Catch is, we’re missing Haley’s vocals, and no matter how much she growls and shows off, the production (kinda) beats her to a pulp. I love the throwbacks, but maybe there is too much of it, like someone took the Mark Ronson switch and cranked it past eleven, leading to some meandering repetition. I should’ve prepared myself for this: American Idol does this to everyone, only this one isn’t humiliatingly poppy. But it’s a treat for fans: this is exactly what you’d imagine her doing, and the ten (or fourteen) tracks oozes with, umm, sex appeal. If only we had more of “Undone” and less of… okay, there’s no stinker, but maybe it’s just me fawning over this one. I’ve waited a while for this. | 4/5

7 thoughts on “Review: Listen Up! by Haley Reinhart

  1. This album is flawless & this review is nothing but nitpicks. I suggest take another listen because what I thought was so impressive was that Haley’s voice is front and center maybe buy some new speakers :/

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