Review: Born and Raised by John Mayer

Born and Raised by John MayerJohn Mayer continues his trip through the guitar-playing textbook with Born and Raised, where he shifts from the atmospheric offerings of Battle Studies to full-on Americana. Okay, maybe not full-on: you can hear the influences but you can still tell it’s a John Mayer album, from the occasional beat-y undertones left over from his radio pop days to his rather earnest lyrics. And I’ve got no problem with that, except for the point when you’ve listened halfway through and you realize he’s gotten too earnest with it. Maybe it’s classic Americana’s way of sounding too preachy. Maybe it’s John’s seeming tendency to go through styles like he’s reviewing for an exam (with Continuum‘s lovely blues being the starting point). While it gets more familiar towards the end – or maybe we’ve gotten used to it at this point – you can’t help but wonder: I know he’s smart and he slurps up influences like a sponge, but maybe he could’ve done with a bit more restraint? | 3/5


5 thoughts on “Review: Born and Raised by John Mayer

      1. It does sound like a natural progression, I’ll admit, from pop to blues to Americana. Let’s see him do Freddie Aguilar-y folk next. Heh.

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