Review: Oceania by the Smashing Pumpkins

Oceania by the Smashing PumpkinsThis is not going to be my best review, because I’ve a feeling that my relative unfamiliarity with the Smashing Pumpkins – I can’t call myself a 90s kid – will fail me. But I’ve listened to Oceania, and I can say it’s okay. It does combine the best qualities of the band’s earlier work (well, Billy Corgan) and gives it a sprawling, high-concept boost, this being part of the band’s ambitious 44-song Teargarden by Kaleidyscope song cycle. There are highlights, but they’re mostly at the end: it’s from “The Chimera” onward where things go together. Before that, it’s a bit meandering, like Corgan got bored with keeping up with the 44 songs. “Quasar” started off fine, but by the carrier single “The Celestials” it all sounded samey… okay, maybe I just don’t really get Oceania, but if the Pumpkins are really as great as some claim them to be, well, this is not the place to start. | 3/5


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