Review: Synthetica by Metric

Synthetica by MetricDo I dare call Metric Canada’s answer to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? It’s a fair comparison, methinks. I say this because I enjoyed Synthetica, the band’s sixth release, as much as I did the New York band’s latest release, It’s Blitz! Sonically it’s the same patented mix of here-I-am synths and beats, plus Emily Haines’ strong-but-yearning vocals. The songs’ themes – mostly about finding yourself, for lack of a more succinct term – suggest that they still have some punch in them. End result: a pretty satisfying listen. Personal highlights: the slightly triumphant feel of “Breathing Underwater” and “Clone”, plus the surprisingly good duet with Lou Reed, “The Wanderlust”. Now that was supposed to sound out of place, but it doesn’t. | 4/5

4 thoughts on “Review: Synthetica by Metric

  1. I heard Emily Haines speaking about ‘Breathing Underwater’ on the radio the other day and I have wanted to listen to the album ever since, and now this just makes me more keen.

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