After Chris Moyles says he’s leaving Radio 1 brekky…

…there’s what Fearne Cotton calls a “weird atmosphere”. Although I’m not entirely convinced she’s kept out of the dark on this. (That doesn’t explain the business-as-usual mood on the station, though. I mean, Fearne has to keep calm and carry on.) Anyway, after over eight years (and a bunch of laughs from me since my first year in college), Moyles is leaving the much-vaunted breakfast slot on BBC Radio 1 – his slightly pompous announcement here – and then, the tease: an announcement on who’ll replace him will be made at half past ten. Only the news leaked on who that is before the announcement: late night host Nick Grimshaw. A bit of a non-descript announcement on Radio 1, really, but the forums will go on overdrive, definitely. I only heard his show once (it’s way too early for me) and I like what I heard, but I wonder if he’ll translate well early in the morning? I can’t worry about that yet, though – two more months of Chris and his cheesy songs, one of the best things on radio ever.

One thought on “After Chris Moyles says he’s leaving Radio 1 brekky…

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