“And he’s crazy mad for me.”

“9 to 5 (Morning Train)” by Sheena Easton | I don’t remember where or when I heard this song. It must be ages ago. Or not. See? Also, I only heard the first lines of the first verse of this song. I definitely heard this within a radio plug, but never the full song. And then, on one of those European stations again – okay, I’ll give it up, it’s Barcelona’s RAC 105 – this plays, and I go, “boom, so that was it.” I actually thought it was the Manhattan Transfer or something, but no, it’s Sheena Easton, and her biggest hit. Which I certainly never knew about, although I knew “Modern Girl”. Anyway, I’d enthuse again about how many hidden gems I find on these European stations, but instead I’ll talk about the music video. So old school.

5 thoughts on ““And he’s crazy mad for me.”

  1. Ha! The first time I heard the song was while vacationing in Barcelona in summer 1983. I had to track it down later. But how could you not know the song if you are so into music? It was a huge hit. Although I will admit that the bright/happy lyrics are nothing like her other songs which are darker and sexier. Another song I heard while in Barce that took me over 25 years to track down was Sally Oldfield’s “Mirrors”. 25 years! Thank you internet!

    1. Because I wasn’t born back then! And these songs don’t really surface a lot on Philippine radio. You’d hear them occasionally in an ever-shrinking number of stations and they aren’t even back-announced.

      I have heard some of Sheena’s other songs, though, and I’ll agree that they are darker, which makes this so much of a standout.

      I’ll have to find “Mirrors” when I have time. Might be something I’ve heard and liked before but never knew the name of!

      1. I had always thought to myself that “Mirrors” was the most beautiful song in the world. Years later I was able to search for it on the internet, and found it mentioned on somebody’s site as “most beautiful song in the world”!

      2. Ooooh, you’re making me curious! Not on a laptop and YouTube has blocked vids of the song on mobile so it will have to wait. But definitely writing about it next week.

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