Jam 88.3 on emergency mode

“My name is Gang, and I’m with Mike and Lambert, and this is JamCentral, the emergency broadcast of Jam 88.3.” The first time they did this was three years ago, during typhoon Ondoy: the idea is, with power is out in some places, and not everybody having transistor radios, and mobile phones unable to access AM broadcasts, they might as well consolidate everything they know (mostly off Twitter) and tell everyone who listens in. Times have changed since then – there’s a news station on FM now – but Jam’s still at it as I type. Production values understandably out the window – in between the sound of ringing phones (“Congressman Romulo, can you call a landline?”) it’s just public service messages off Twitter, text messaging and the good old phone call. And evacuation requests. “A lot of evacuation requests are coming from Tinajeros, Malabon,” Gang, head of Rock Ed Philippines and co-host of Rock Ed Radio on Jam, pointed out. One texter is studying in Baguio, and is worried because she hasn’t heard from her dad in Malabon throughout the day. It was a bit sad, but it’s nice knowing that people know too. I don’t know about other radio stations going off-format today (can you tell me?) but for now, a tip of my hat to Jam 88.3 for doing just that, especially now that it’s getting dark.

One thought on “Jam 88.3 on emergency mode

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