Things in Simlish, part five: the pop artists that got translated

“Shark in the Water” (Simlish) by VV Brown | The Sims began playing with Simlish versions of actual pop songs on a later expansion pack of the first game, and went all out in the next two versions. It’s fun hearing Lily Allen and Paramore sing in Simlish (and, for my surprisingly few Filipino readers, Charice) but the charm’s disappeared somehow. Yet they still get stuck in your head. This one, in particular, off the soul station on The Sims 3 – the preferred soundtrack of this bar the Pearce brothers ran – always wiggled its way into my head, partly because the original does the same, and partly because this always plays first when I enter the bar. Still, nothing beats the very first set. And with that, Sims week is over. Regular programming again tomorrow, shall we?


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