Why I can no longer listen to Jam 88.3

Jam 88.3 used to be one of my go-to stations when I have the radio to myself. It had good music – not too obscure, but not too stratched-up – and the DJs were witty without being pushy. Now, it has a crappy morning show. It’s gotten a bit too pretentious, if not crass. And then there’s the thirty-minute stretch I heard just an hour ago. Roanna – formerly of NU107, I must add – had a very rambly lifestyle feature on the many uses of powdered soup, which is basically “soup in powdered form”. Apparently you can make gravy and pasta sauce with it. This, after teasing an interview tomorrow night featuring a kung fu group, because apparently the things we saw on Kung Fu Panda are “based in something you can actually do”. Thirty minutes in the car that made me cringe. Jam 88.3 still has good records, and it still does some things well, but most of the time, the bits in between the songs have gotten so terrible. For Manila’s only alternative station it’s become very patronizing, if not downright insulting. Since when did you become this unlistenable? (Update: Rock Ed Radio just tweeted, saying this week’s show will be their last show for a while. “The station needs time to re-program … so break muna,” they say. Plot thickens…) (Update: I listen to the “new” Jam 88.3 here.)

6 thoughts on “Why I can no longer listen to Jam 88.3

  1. Word on the street is, Doobie Nights will be on their second to last show this week. Are they trying to stay away from sounding like RT?

    1. Not sure what direction they’re taking – they could go more all-out alternative like NU (unlike the slightly confused approach they’re doing now) or return to their more pop-based roots. My impression from Rock Ed Radio’s tweet is this is more of a retooling, but I can’t tell what their plans are. They just settled down this “new music alternative” thing after all…

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