Review: Coexist by the xx

Coexist by the xxIt’s not safe to say that there’s absolutely nothing new on the xx’s second release. Sure, Coexist starts off in pretty much the same way as their Mercury Prize-winning debut XX, with heaps of minimalism (yep, I did write that) and a beat or two. But the first single “Angels” suggests a bit more atmosphere – and later tracks, from the grit of “Fiction” to the bounce of “Missing” and the sophistication of “Swept Away”, show that the band has actually taken in more things and have made their sound better. There’s a bit of an uptick tempo-wise, a hint of trip-hop and more filled space. The best thing is, you don’t really quite notice they’ve tweaked their sound a bit until you listen to it again. (Well, “tweaked” is not the right term. Evolved, perhaps?) It’s the gift that keeps on giving. And I only gave it two listens. What more a third? | 4/5

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