Meet the new Jam. Same as the old Jam.

My hunch was right – Jam 88.3 isn’t exactly reformatting. Morning guy Harry described it as a bit of housekeeping, with things moving around – a sensible move, really, since the station’s shows reflected different stages of its life and didn’t quite complement each other. But I don’t know what this achieves, really. The station now plays “a mix of the old and the new” – the usual playlist with some of their older Friday stuff mixed in. Saturdays has a stronger classic rock component (called WRXP, for Weekend Rock Experience – hey, that sounds familiar). At least they’re attempting to shed their pretentiously indie image, but they still sound too much like sister station 99.5 RT. Or maybe they’re returning to their time as a K-Lite replacement. I don’t know. Its too early to tell. Maybe they’ve got better personalities. They got me listening despite me saying otherwise, at least. But they still have that crappy morning show, though… (Update: more proof that not much is new – local music show Republik is now on Sunday daytimes, while A Different Sunday, a show I do like, has moved to Sunday nights.)

One thought on “Meet the new Jam. Same as the old Jam.

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