Review: Babel by Mumford & Sons

Babel by Mumford & SonsMumford & Sons have had a wild past few years: finding themselves leading the British nu-folk revolution (and even representing it abroad), getting nominated at the Grammys, performing for presidents, and capturing those Americans’ imaginations for being just a wee bit different. So where do you go from there? Babel sees the band return to their position in the nu-folk space – intense drum beats, Marcus Mumford’s sing-for-your-life style, and of course, those banjos – and even if you’ve heard it all before, it still sounds fresh. Lead single “I Will Wait” captures the album’s feel perfectly – hopeful yet capable of going dark, and dark it does go, from the album started “Babel”, to the rolling “Hopeless Wanderer”, and perhaps the album’s highlight, the lovely slow build of “Not With Haste”. (Factoid: if you’ve watched Brave, you’ll recognize parts of that song.) Turns out those wild past few years haven’t changed the Mumfords (as I like to call them) a bit. And it’s a good thing, for once. | 4/5


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