Nick Grimshaw’s breakfast pickle

The thing facing new BBC Radio 1 breakfast host Nick Grimshaw is simple: you do not try to be very much like your successor, but you do not try to be very different from your successor. I listened to the first hour and a half of his first show (it’s still going on as I type) and it’s obviously a different beast: more music, but not without a bit of a personality. Nick’s dry and his anecdotes are fine, although first day jitters mean he hasn’t quite gotten there yet. My biggest gripe is that it sounds like every other show on daytime Radio 1 – perhaps a counterweight to Chris’ ego-heavy offering? But the breakfast show is the breakfast show, and this feels like a non-event. That approach works for some stations, but not for this one. I understand Grimmy’s a bit more laid-back, but I want to see some interaction with some sort of team, and I want to see some more imagination. An interview with One Direction’s Harry Styles (which didn’t really go many places) may get people to tune in, but not for long… but again, early days.

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