Clarence’s crash course on Keane, part five: The Strangeland era

“Disconnected” by Keane | And finally, Clarence, we reach the last part – their latest album Strangeland, the very reason why I have VIP tickets to tomorrow’s concert, and the very reason why I volunteered to do this for you. Frankly – and I said this before – it’s not a very great album. The band revisited their earlier sound on this one, with less production and more natural sounds, so to speak, but doesn’t quite recapture the magic: I listened to the album again last week and nothing else still pops out… except for this track, “Disconnected”, which pretty much takes their Under the Iron Sea sound and runs away with it. But I don’t know, maybe this album has yet to grow on me. (Also, yes, it’s a horror video.) So, will I see you tomorrow? (Later this week: I review Keane’s Manila concert.)

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