Live things: David Cook at Ion Orchard Singapore

David Cook and Andy Skib perform outside Ion Orchard in Singapore as part of the mall's third anniversary.

At least to me, it felt like the crowd reaction to David Cook’s acoustic set outside the Ion Orchard in Singapore last night could’ve been louder. Or maybe it’s because I saw some of those in the VIP area not really reacting that loudly. But if you’re a fan – and I was definitely surrounded by those last night – this gig is the most. Awesome. Thing. Ever.

“Thank you for voting for me,” the American Idol winner said as he entered the stage. “I need the job.” Accompanied by gutiarist Andy Skib, he launched his eleven-song acoustic set with fan favorite “Declaration”, and he easily paced through his singles, more fan favorites (“Lie”, from the first album, was apparently a popular request during the meet and greet earlier in the day) and the occasional cover, including that ubiquitous “Always Be My Baby” (trust David when he says it’s really popular in Asia) and, for the first time in a live show, a cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain”.

You’d be forgiven in thinking his concert is mostly a treat for the fans. Sure, it is. He’s had a strong following in the region – four shows in Southeast Asia in six months, I must point out. But David has this easy-going, charismatic attitude that doesn’t ward off anybody who just passed by. He’s quite funny. A bit self-deprecating. The fans gobbled everything up, but the others seemed to be into it, too. He was also very much game for anything: that walk down the catwalk – his performance was preceded by a fashion show; it’s a mall event, after all – will definitely go on YouTube, if only for its sheer ridiculousness.

I’m pretty sure David was aiming for an intimate feel, but it was let down by the terrible sound system (or maybe it’s my position by the speakers – I can’t appreciate his voice as much as I should). But points to him for trying, and mostly succeeding. And more points to him for trying that durian pancake, although he obviously hated it.

Setlist “Declaration” / “Come Back To Me” / “Paper Heart” / “Lie” / “From Here to Zero” / “Heroes” including “Champagne Supernova” / “Purple Rain” / “The Last Song I’ll Write For You” / “Fade Into Me” / “Always Be My Baby” / “Light On”

6 thoughts on “Live things: David Cook at Ion Orchard Singapore

  1. I think the sound problem may have just been where you were standing – the sound even over the UStream we listened to live was AMAZING and so far the audio on YT vids is pretty great too! So glad you got to see him!

  2. LOL! I NEVER think peeps scream and yell enough for him! Got mad at Paula Abdul for not emoting MORE on AI7. Hee. Ah well, thanks for the blog. Love hearing personal experiences. So wish I could have been there with you – spazzing out!

  3. You probably had ear plugs in your ears UStream all the way in Chicago sounded glorious
    and out of this world just like only David can sing like that nobody on this planet can match him should not even try. His voice is one in the million. Hurrah to David you did again. great performance like only you can give. Now we need something in good USA> please!

  4. maybe it was my excitement,thousands of miles away from the event, but I heard his voice loud and clear via Ustream!! LOL David just needs a couple of more gigs in your region to be considered an adopted Asian citizen, right? =P Thanks for the recap and the pics.

  5. I must clarify, I have no problem with the voice – but I thought the other levels were too high. I blame the sound system completely. Or my spot by the stage, because my friends in the VIP area had no complaints.

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