Review: Landing On A Hundred by Cody ChesnuTT

Landing On A Hundred by Cody ChesnuTTCody ChesnuTT is bringing back that feeling when you turn on the radio while jogging and you feel like Shaft. Landing On A Hundred brings a more luxurious, and more familiar, take on his 70s-flavored soul, and while it can still be too much at times – this clocks at roughly 54 minutes, which is definitely shorter than his 36-song debut – the textures work wonders. “Til I Met Thee” and “That’s Still Mama” definitely play on the golden period’s swinging feel, while “Where Is All The Money Going?” and “Don’t Wanna Go The Other Way” has this more urgent, foot-tapping vibe that brings us forward in time. But Cody is at ease in both, and the album flows wonderfully; it’s not perfect, but there’s no track on the album you’d rather skip because it feels like filler. | 4/5

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