Review: Crystal Castles (III) by Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles (III) by Crystal CastlesCrystal Castle’s third release – same name as their first two releases – continues to build on the Canadian duo’s slightly gothic brand of electronica. Difference this time is, it isn’t as harsh – and I don’t mean it’s no longer as epic, no. In fact, it is, more so, even. It’s just that the album manages to pull all these disparate influences apparent in the first two releases, and the end result is still a dance floor stomper (see “Insulin”), although it is oddly a bit more melodic (see “Celestica”). Nice way to romanticize, for lack of a better term, what sounds like a bleaker future. Crystal Castles seems to be more ready for doomsday, or something close to it, than before. | 4/5


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