Review: ¡Tré! by Green Day

¡Tré! by Green Day¡Tré! wasn’t supposed to be out until next year, if not for Billie Joe Armstrong’s onstage meltdown and subsequent trip to rehab. I now see why they planned to hold it. The album isn’t bad – sure, it’s a bit all over the place, with a bit more grandiosity thanks to the addition of strings, notably in opener “Brutal Love”. But you listen to this album after the first two that preceded it, ¡Uno! and ¡Dos!, and somehow you feel a little burnt out. Or is it just me? Not much here sticks out, and it’s as if the band was just grasping straws trying to round out a trilogy. If they released this in January as originally planned, we would’ve gotten a bit more breathing space. But at least the collection is still full of hooks and riffs (“99 Revolutions” being a good example) and it gets you jumping. Maybe I’m just in the mood for something else. | 3/5

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