Taxi music for South Korean folks

Yes, I have gone down the hallyu path: now I’m listening to a South Korean radio station. Again, I blame Rainy. And my curiosity. She did suggest KBS Cool FM after showing me far too many K-pop videos (read: four) and we ended up listening to this show with the word “rooftop” on it. “I imagine myself listening to this on a taxi,” I told her, as piano ballad after piano ballad came on. “This is for ahjussis like you,” she said, referring to old men. So what if I grew up with this kind of music? Well, they’re not exclusively playing Korean music: they had Rachael Yamagata’s version of “I Wish You Love”, followed by, of all things, Christopher Cross’ “Arthur’s Theme”. And I thought this was for younger people. Not that I mind. I’m 24 and I get Christopher Cross (and why Glee made a joke out of it). Other observations I’ll get back to you on later: they have the same schedule seven days a week, and they have a lot of ads featuring artists themselves plugging their next singles. Hearing “annyeong haseyo” every thirty seconds is a bit more grating than the babies that say the station name in the masa stations our taxi drivers listen to at night.


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