Review: Let It All In by I Am Kloot

Let It All In by I Am KlootIt took a while before Manchester-based I Am Kloot made really waves in the British scene, but after a Mercury Prize nomination for their fifth release The Night Sky, the only way for the band, it seems, is further up. Let It All In, then, is best seen as the record where they state their case to the greater public – as if the album that preceded it, with its lusher production and the occasional epic sing-along (hear “Radiation”) mixed with Johnny Bramwell’s trademark husky optimism, hasn’t. But this offers a bit of a left turn even for long-time followers: “Hold Back The Night” features a noir-like final act, while “Even The Stars” starts off eeriely like, well, “Radiation”, or any of Elbow’s recent epics… well, that isn’t a surprise, since Guy Garvey and Craig Potter returned to the producers’ chairs for this. Their best work on both albums is polishing I Am Kloot’s sound without overdoing it, like in the title track and in the album closer “Forgive Me These Reminders”, a come down from the dizzying heights Let It All In tries to go to. It may not hit the moon, but – cliché incoming, obviously – it will land among the stars. | 4/5


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