Rainy’s classical things, part two: Let’s watch the circus

“Rumba Toccata” by Paul Harvey | This is a huge leap from yesterday’s offering: “Rumba Toccata” is literally jumpy. With emphasis on “literally”. It kicks off with a bunch of detached g notes being pressed repetitively. It’s a cluster of staccatos and hand-overs if you ask me. Imagine tip-toeing to a rhythm of… say, 172 BPM. Or more. It depends upon the pianist, actually. When I played this though (by ear, I’ve never seen the sheet), I chose a slower tempo. Maybe allegrissimo as opposed to the original presto. Theme-wise, the piece could be placed along the lines of Ellmenreich’s “Spinning Song” or even Heinrich Lichner’s “Tulip”. It gives off that perfect circus-like vibe, you know? So imagine tip-toeing to a speed of 172 BPM wearing a top hat, red clown nose and a funny expression. Think Charlie Chaplin. Or is the imagery more suited to Joplin’s “The Entertainer”? Either way, Paul Harvey did magic with those bunch of g‘s. (Tomorrow: music to wake up and smell the roses to.)

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