Rainy’s classical things, part three: Vivaldi’s music for breakfast

“Concerto no. 3 in D Major ‘Il Gardellino’, op. 10 no. 3, 1st movement” by Antonio Vivaldi | A breathtaking flute concerto, also known as the piece that Rainy Martini almost played in a Christmas concert (a piano and flute arrangement, but things went wrong with the accompanist). The opening bars for the flute solo are a group of notes tailed with a swift trill. The redundance of those notes gives me a very vibrant feeling. Images of tiny birds popping out of the treetops in tune with the music invade my head. Perfect for a spring performance! It helps that the first movement is played in allegro. Like most pieces, “Il Gardellino” is pretty much a roller coaster of crescendos and dimminuendos… which gives me the playful impression that the conductor might be turning the imaginary radio’s volume knob up and down during those times. Ah, whatever. This Vivaldi makes for a nice cheesy breakfast soundtrack. That is, if you live in a green place. Just like me. (Tomorrow: a piece that might ring a bell…)


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