Rainy’s classical things, part four: Little bell, long fingers

“La Campanella” by Franz Liszt | This is the third etude of six Grandes études de Paganini. “La Campanella” is for the long-fingered. I had long dreamed of playing this legendary piece but I couldn’t due to my love-hate relationship with the piano and… well, short and slim fingers. It opens with a sweet bell-like tune. The first sound tinkles like a warning, and the jaw-dropping part follows. Like I said, it’s not for the shorties. The note intervals are farther than an octave and it demands your right hand to jump and expertly prance around the keys. You will hear fancy grace notes, which in my opinion lightens the whole mood of the piece. If it weren’t for the graces then I would’ve labeled it ‘scary’. Never mind the fact that it is played in allegretto. Never mind that its nickname (yes, that’s only a nickname) translates to “the little bell”. Yes, if it weren’t for the graces that gave good graces. Nonetheless, “La Campanella” is one of the most stunning etudes ever written and (in my opinion) should be your dream piece as well. (Tomorrow: a piece that really is from the Classical era.)


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