Rainy’s classical things, part five: Don’t be pathetic

“Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13 ‘Sonata Pathétique’, 3rd movement” by Ludwig van Beethoven | And for my final classical music write-up! Before I end Classical Week, I want you to know how hard it was for me to choose five pieces that I think you should hear. Narrowing it down took weeks to decide, and my lists were actually endless! So here’s a legit Classical era piece (because some pieces that I wrote about were from the Baroque or Romantic era, but they are nonetheless labeled as “classical”) for the finale: a Beethoven sonata. I chose the third movement of Pathetique because there’s a sense of finality to it; what with it being the final movement and all. On to the piece: if you’ve played O2jam before, then this will be all-too familiar for you. The badass song V3 is basically a modern remake of Pathetique. The third movement (a rondo) starts with a recognizable tune that speaks of stormy emotions and maybe even rage. Or is it just me? Although played in piano (a dynamic, meaning ‘softly’), the common use of sforzando created the perfect waves-crashing-on-rocks effect. Think: lightning bolts shooting here and there. That’s just for the main theme. Where the piece takes you is completely up to you. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend that you check this third movement out because well… it’s a classic!

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