Review: The Invisible Way by Low

The Invisibly Way by LowMinnesota band Low is celebrating twenty years doing what it does best: be brooding and powerful in the quiet moments. Their eleventh album, the Jeff Tweedy-produced The Invisible Way, offers their own brand of slowcore: those distinctive harmonies, that slow build, and an odd sense of finality. Those qualities somehow work against them in this case: the album does take a while to build, and the first track seem to take forever to get there. The album picks up from “Just Make It Stop”, a piano-driven ballad that shows signs of jangly-ness; and the three tracks that follow it feel like a culmination, a what-have-you-learned? moment, a point where everything makes sense. If only it didn’t take very long for us to get there. Don’t get me wrong – “Holy Ghost” and “Clarence White” also have their shining moments – but still, it took too long. | 3/5


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