“We’ll sit and look at the same old view, just we two.”

“The Folks Who Live On The Hill” by Peggy Lee | A great song to ease you into yet another week, heard this morning (in my case) in what is turning out to be the best way to ease me into another week: Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour on BBC 6 Music. That show’s built for a Sunday night, which happens to be my Monday morning… anyway, Peggy Lee, singer and actress, recorded this song in 1957. (It was originally recorded by Bing Crosby in 1937. Her version was conducted by no other than Frank Sinatra.) Hopeful and painful at the same time, I like how it evokes visions of, well, a hill. Perhaps a meadow like The Sound of Music. Yep, with Maria von Trapp twirling around. And, miraculously, a house rises from the ground. A house like in Heidi, the Japanese animated version. And then it all melts away, because you just feel that she won’t have it, somehow. Granted, this song was preceded by a mention of Peggy’s four unsuccessful marriages, so maybe that colored it all…

One thought on ““We’ll sit and look at the same old view, just we two.”

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