“Ako ba ang siyang nagkulang, o ikaw ba ang hindi lumaban?”

“Anong Nangyari Sa Ating Dalawa?” by Aiza Seguerra | ABS-CBN’s Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs competition was on last night, and I did not get wind of it – I only found out from all of the tweets about it. (Gone are the days when Himig Handog, and GMA’s Metropop Song Festival, were annual, heavily-promoted affairs. Childhood hasn’t been nice to my memory, but I remember Rachel Alejandro’s “Forever And A Day” solely because of its title. I can’t find it now. What I can find, though, is Gary Granada’s song “Mabuti Pa Sila”, which I loved as a nine-year-old, and won Metropop in 1998.) Most of the raves went to this song, composed by Jovinor Tan and impeccably interpreted by Aiza Seguerra. And this song, of course, won. I only listened to it this morning and, yes, I can see why – this country of heartbroken romantics will flock to a song like this. And I’m not diluting this song’s power. It is good. Aiza always had a thing for singing the hell out of a song, but in a very subtle way (which explains “Pagdating ng Panahon”). But credit definitely goes to Jovinor. I don’t know the story behind this song (I didn’t watch – could anyone tell me?) but this is heartfelt but not schmaltzy. A deserving winner, I say – and this, coming from a typical latecomer.

One thought on ““Ako ba ang siyang nagkulang, o ikaw ba ang hindi lumaban?”

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