“Paris, tu paries, Paris, que je te quitte.”

“Paris” by Camille | Like yesterday’s post, I first heard this (apparently fairly old) track while rediscovering that other (not-so-but-still) eclectic French radio station, Radio Nova. I loved the wordplay on the chorus, which says a lot because I don’t speak French at all. Well, save for “oui” and “no” and that thing off “Lady Marmalade”. Also, there’s the fact that this song isn’t really as happy as it sounds: Camille is singing about leaving Paris, about how there are many more places better than the French capital… only she’d return because she felt homesick. So, yes, that sprightly sound makes sense in the end. And when you read the translated lyrics while listening to the song you actually get a sense of the song’s humor and misplaced feistiness. Screw you Paris… meh, sorry about that. Also worth mentioning: if Camille’s voice sounds vaguely familiar – and if you’re thinking of a cooking mouse while listening to this song – it’s because she sang “Le Festin”, the theme song to Ratatouille.


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