“I try to understand that I…”

“Everybody’s Changing” by Lily Allen and Keane | Exactly one year ago, I opened earthings! with a post about my first favorite song; little did I know that I’d watch the band live seven months later. And little did I know that this blog would go farther than I planned. This was supposedly an occasional hobby, spurred on by an old suggestion from my friend Claud, because she thought my (now no longer online) review of Pasta Groove’s debut album read pretty well. Now it’s a mostly-daily affair, with new music and rediscovered music and a surprisingly large amount of suggestions. So, from me, a massive thank you to everyone who’s been involved in this not-so-occasional hobby: to this blog’s major contributors, Rainy and Drea; to friends of the blog Edsel, Jayvee, Anna, Joann and Allene; to all of the artists who dropped me a line; and most importantly, to you who suggested songs, sat through my ramblings, and sometimes commented on them. Now, an attempt to start a tradition: I’m posting a cover of “Everybody’s Changing”. I was supposed to do the Lily Allen version, but then I found this…

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