Review: In Love by Peace

In Love by PeacePeace can be forgiven for having an album that’s pretty much a textbook in the sound of early-90s Britpop: In Love is mostly a compelling, enjoyable listen. Amazingly, despite their influences the band’s sound borders more on fresh than a rip-off. I put it down to Harry Koisser’s vocal delivery, a bit of a swagger that I haven’t heard in most of the other so-called indie landfill bands today. But it’s not a perfect album: the euphoric introduction that is “Higher Than The Sun” – one of the best opening tracks ever, I say – is tempered down by the slush of “Lovesick” and “Sugarstone”, only to be hiked up by first single “Wraith” and album closer “California Daze”, with its slightly psychedelic origins that ends Peace’s wider introduction on just the right note. At least you know they still have more climbing up to do. | 4/5


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