“If you see me, just move on.”

“I Could’ve Been Your Girl” by She & Him | I swear I am not trying to tune Zooey Deschanel out, but for some reason I completely missed this song I almost completely missed this song. Got the release dates mixed up; this just came out overnight. Anyway. She & Him’s fourth album, Volume 3, comes out in under a month’s time, and this is the first song off it. The same old 60s-tinged country blues, then, only with Zooey sounding more nasal, more strained, than she should be. I w0uld say that breaks the whole song – which is a shame, because when done properly Zooey can deliver – so I’ll just direct your attention to M. Ward’s guitar playing. Come to think of it, he’s the unsung hero of this duo. Most people see this as “that project with that über-annoying girl off New Girl” and it shouldn’t be that way. Maybe just call it “that project with M. Ward and the inspiration behind ‘Monday Morning’“.


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