Pop goes the early noughties, part three: For adults, something with a guitar

“Are You Happy Now?” by Michelle Branch | I know it’s unfair when I say that pop radio here nowadays only plays the crappy poppy dancey stuff. As much as I don’t want to see my friends tweet slavishly about what Magic 89.9 is playing, I do know that they play stuff like, say, Imagine Dragons. (They’re okay, but unimaginative in my book. Not slagging anyone off.) And then there are things you hear on television – like when RX played Cassadee Pope’s cover of “Torn” off The Voice – and that all filters down to the idea that adults also listen to pop radio here, as much as the kids. Back then, there was a lot: trips to high school peppered with Jason Mraz, John Mayer (a particular favorite) and, for the heavier folks out there, early-era Evanescence. (Or Avril Lavigne. But she was for the kids, right? Save for the fact that much-missed adult alternative station K-Lite playlisted her regularly, alongside new stuff from the Manics and Duran Duran.) I’m older now, and I have an appreciation of these songs more, partly because of nostalgia, and partly because they don’t seem to make it like this anymore. Well, not until you realize that Cassadee Pope covered this Michelle Branch song too(Tomorrow: everybody starts in a boy band. Well, almost everybody.)


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