“You’re stealing my heart away, but not in my loving way.”

“Stop Taking My Time” by Club 8 | Swedish indie popsters Club 8 are back with their eighth release, Above the City, on 21 May, and if you’re in the Philippines you can (yes, you can!) pre-order the CD (yes, a CD!) from the folks at Lilystars Records. Okay. This is a bit of a favor I’m doing them. Frankly I should’ve been writing about these guys for a while now. I’ve (kinda) known one of the folks from there (hello Tonet) for a good seven years, when we shared an interest in Camera Obscura on a radio show message board. My five years in the labor force was occasionally peppered with invites from her for the many gigs Lilystars has mounted, none of which I’ve been to (okay, kill me) because of scheduling issues. But hey, the first thing I bought with my salary is the record label’s first release, from the Camerawalls. (I’ve written about them once.) And now it’s been five years. And another promo – everything on their shop is 20% off from now until May 17. Don’t think the Club 8 CD counts, but there’s some good stuff there too, so it’s worth a gander.

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