Instrumentals we love, part five: Not for dancing on the beach

“Deathless Gods” by Tarsius | Have you seen Ang Nawawala? This track might be familiar to you. I haven’t, so it isn’t to me, and Adrian – the kid’s on a partying roll, judging from his latest recommendations – hasn’t either. But this is an interesting, rollicking, twirling track from an unlikely collaboration. Tarsius is composed of Diego Mapa (he who deadpans about cats for Pedicab) and Jay Gapasin (he who bangs drums for Radioactive Sago Project); the two met in a series of concerts in Geneva, reconnected two years ago, and started an EDM duo. Integrating live instruments. Which isn’t unusual, if not for the exceedingly polished sound of their output. Or I’m just not that exposed to dance. But it’s a nicely urban dance track – and by urban, I mean the city, not the beach – that gets you tapping, more or less. (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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