“You’d think he couldn’t fail to read between the lines.”

“Invitations” by Shakatak | I loved watching cooking shows as a kid. Before we had cable (and access to Ming Tsai and Bobby Flay) we had the Dazas – and while I was too young to watch Nora Daza, I was old enough to catch Sandy and his siblings Nina and Stella. “This recipe is brought to you by Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce.” Then, a lingering shot of the dish, and then, the intertitles to what was by then called Cooking with the Dazas, with this song in the background. “In the kitchen”, I’d often sing, while I was forming a wooden spoon with my fingers. I rediscovered this song last week – I was introducing my girlfriend to my parents; we were in some mid-posh Italian restaurant, I was bent to show off what I know about food – and was dismayed I still didn’t have any idea what it’s called, or what the lyrics said, except for the fact that “in the kitchen” was, in fact, “invitations”. Some intense searching finally tells me this: it’s from English jazz band Shakatak, it was released in 1982, and “Invitations” was, for all intents, the soundtrack to my Saturday morning. Wooden spoon.


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