“I’m a little lamb who’s lost in the wood…”

“Someone To Watch Over Me” by Allison Iraheta | I remember watching Allison perform (and meeting her!) three years ago and, amidst the fangirling, knowing that she really loves what she’s doing. So, understandably, being dropped after Just Like You ran its course was a blow for her. And I’m all for her getting all the happiness she can get, more so now that her band Halo Circus is getting some traction, and we wait for studio versions to post – which explains why I’m posting another one of her (admittedly applicable) American Idol performances – but still, news of her getting married, to bandmate Matthew Hagar, is a bit of a surprise. Last January! At 21! Which, I know, isn’t anything shocking in the United States; I live, after all, in a pretty conservative part of the world. While I pick up my jaw again, yes, I’m happy for her. And I will continue hope of hearing those studio versions.


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