Review: Settle by Disclosure

Settle by DisclosureI cannot review Disclosure’s Settle from a raver’s perspective. I’ve heard enough of the stuff to have an idea what makes the dance floor tick, but this cannot affect me the way a party-goer reacts to a floor filler close to his heart. (Not that I’m saying it never happened to me to other songs.) But dance music is inescapable nowadays: pop radio has, on repeat, 3OH!3’s turbo pop template and the searing distortion of commercial dubstep, and that’s turning some people off. The debut full-length record of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence doesn’t go to the other extreme – in fact, the album is mostly a callback to house-pop of the early 00s, so anyone can feel at home to this – but, if only for timing, it all sounds like a breath of fresh air. Aided by some dance-friendly popsters (Friendly Fires’ Ed McFarlane, AlunaGeorge and Jessie Ware feature) and armed with two good pairs of ears, Settle is a cracking pop record that could stealthily bring all dance back to a more soulful position. Just. | 4/5


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