“And I don’t need to see any more to know that I can read your mind.”

“Eye In The Sky” by the Alan Parsons Project | The only downside Edward Snowden – employee of a defense contractor and whistleblower behind the revelation that the American government is looking into our emails – sees with him revealing his identity is how it will distract from what he thinks is the bigger story. “I know the media likes to personalize political debates,” he told the Guardian, although otherwise he’s perfectly fine with not hiding behind anonymity. Ironically, at least to me, that line – well, that interview, really – compelled me to finally write about this PRISM thing. I heard of it last week but was too busy to make some sort of response for the blog, and then I forgot about it, but now I’m reading the interview, especially the bit about him telling his girlfriend he’ll be away for a couple of weeks – heaven knows what she feels now, a bit of a Last Resort-y scenario, perhaps? – and then I think of how this song, this particular song, feels so assured in an asshole-y way.

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