“We both know this boat has drifted.”

“The Thinner The Ice” by Richard Haswell | Edinburgh-based Richard Haswell – you might know him as Rhubarb – dropped me a line to talk about his second album, Asteroids, out this July. It’s only eight tracks long, but it’s a pretty tight collection of tracks that take their cue from the spacier side of 1970s rock. “Jarvis-13” is my personal favorite, the way it kicks the record off in a flourish – a grand welcome, if you may. But since I don’t have a video of that, I’ll post what most reviews think is the best song on the album, “The Thinner The Ice”. By the time you hit this point Asteroids has already taken you on a roll, and this is a comedown that doesn’t lose the qualities of the earlier tracks. (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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