People still care about radio. So why all the crap on the airwaves?

I was honestly surprised to see a significant amount of views on my (then outdated) blog entry on Fran leaving RX and her subsequent appearances on Good Times with Mo. Granted, that spike was because she finally appeared on the Magic 89.9 show (as opposed to the podcast) twice last week. But I was looking at the search terms – they’re mostly versions of “why fran left rx”. First conclusion: people still care about radio, and despite the advent of YouTube and MP3 players and all that, people will still listen to the radio, and not just because they’re in cars. (I told my girlfriend that I may be disillusioned with, say, whatever’s on 99.5 MHz, but someone will treat it like gold.) Second conclusion: people care about radio so much that they’d want to hear about what essentially is radio gossip – stuff I sometimes write about, and stuff that partly dashed my own dreams to be on the radio. Third conclusion: should these people who care about radio have to live with hearing the same old, mostly lazy (ahem, Easy Rock), occasionally misogynistic (ahem, RX and Magic), often flashy (ahem, Jam and all the masa stations), always unimaginative crap?


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