“…but I fumbled when I came down to the wire.”

“The Wire” by Haim | Like, finally. I feared, at one point, that the buzz around Haim will die down completely by the time they release an album – it’s been a long time since “Forever”, after all – but now we know a few things. One, there is an album; the sisters just finished working on it. Two, this is the first (catchy) single off it; “The Wire” hits shelves on 23 September. Three, yes, you probably heard this live (in my case, not at all, since, well, I live in the Philippines, which is apparently foreign indie pariah). This song is enough to rekindle interest in Haim: it’s a good pop song, as opposed to the breathy, sometimes atmospheric “Falling”. Tap. Tap. Tap-tap-tap-tap. Yeah. [NB]

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