The Mo Twister suspension, a month after

Good Times with Mo, as a show, was always teetering on the brink of suspensions, sanctions and lawsuits. They were successful and were raking in ratings with funny and oftentimes offensive segments like Forbidden Questions, Yabang Mo, Chick Republic and Showbiz Bro so everything was good.

But sometimes, the good times do end. It was on a late night in June that my morning radio habit was completely rocked when I read on Twitter that GTWM – then hosted by Mo Twister, Tin Gamboa (aka Suzy) and Noelle Bonus – were all going to be suspended for five months starting on July 1. My first thoughts were, “What the fuck am I going to listen to in the morning until December? What the fuck’s gonna happen with Showbiz Bro?”, and it was followed by curiosity about what happened that merited the show to be suspended for that a long time. In the course of my search, I found out that they were suspended for a topic about having sex with the disabled which completely riled a listener and prompted a complaint.

What shocked (and kind of riled) me even more is that weeks later after being suspended, Tin Gamboa and Noelle Bonus were reinstated by Tiger 22. Suzy is now paired back with CJ Rivera on The Big Meal and Noelle was paired up with Nikko Ramos on 99.5 Play FM’s morning show. That left Mo Twister out in the cold, which was pretty scathing of Magic to pull off.

So naturally, with the suspension, they had a replacement for GTWM: First Thing in the Morning with Sam Oh and Gibb, both formerly from defunct sister station 99.5 RT. As a curious listener, I tried to listen to it and it was good. The callers were still good and the show wasn’t dumb. However, it lacked the sharpness and the offensive nature of GTWM that I was looking for so I tried other radio shows.

There is the most obvious alternative which is The Morning Rush on RX. They are really good especially if their Top 10 hits the spot, but there are times when I absolutely cannot stand TMR because I feel that the show’s getting diluted because of Gino Quillamor. I tried Play FM but their best morning show pair already went to Magic. I tried Jam but they’re trying too hard to be NU. I still often listen to Wave because I love hip-hop, but I hope they move Anne to the 6-9 AM slot because KC Montero is insufferable. The alternatives were either lacking or annoying.

That left me in a quandary — but not for long. One day, I decided to just listen to 105.1 Crossover — a steady flow of relaxing songs to ease me to a morning full of work and meetings. I’ll stay this way until Mo comes back in December. I also just found out that Trish (formerly of NU 107) is now on board with a reformatted 103.5 K-Lite, so maybe I’ll also take a listen to that station. By the way, what happened with Tim Yap on 99.5 Play FM[JS]

4 thoughts on “The Mo Twister suspension, a month after

  1. Mo has tweeted that he is preparing for the return of ‘Good Times’ this Monday. But if I were him I would not mess up Magic’s current lineup. Sam & Gibb has been doing well that it may be next to impossible to revive the program in Magic. Play FM maybe the next best thing for Mo to announce his comeback.

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