Instrumentals we love, part eight: Well, here’s more of Lindsey…

“Electric Daisy” by Lindsey Stirling | I didn’t like her music. Granted, I was being unfair. I was listening to “Crystallize” and the only thing that came into my mind was – again, I was being unfair and narrow-minded – “but, but, violin is for classics!” There, I said it. I know it’s not right. As someone who grew up playing instruments, it is not always right to be very judgmental and be whiny about it. I remember my piano teacher telling me during practice, “If you don’t love what you’re playing, at least play it with respect,” and I did. I believe I was learning the third movement of some sonatina; I didn’t really like rondo pieces back then and you know how composers mostly did their sonatinas: fast, slow, then rondo. Anyway, speaking of Stirling, she’s coming to Manila. I think she’s already here. And I love this piece I’m writing about. Super. [SY]


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