Instrumentals we love, part nine: How to deal with drone

“Marionette” by Olekranon | I’ll admit, I sat on this one for weeks. I know drone isn’t exactly my thing, not because it goes on and on, butbecause I fear I won’t find anything to enjoy it. “Hope you hear something you like,” Ryan said in his email to me earlier this month, accompanied by a link to Danaus, his latest record under the name Olekranon. The record’s more on the intense industrial side than the thumping electronica I’m more used to – I chose “Marionette” for the blog because it merges both styles nicely – but after a couple of listens you start to understand how exactly you ought to listen to these things: you enter a head space, you drown in it, and you come out a little rattled. The noisier side of drone isn’t meant to be listened to when you need to chill or something, but it does have a space in your arsenal – you just don’t know about it. And then the tracks fade out and you find yourself yanked out Inception-style. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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