Review: If You Wait by London Grammar

If You Wait by London GrammarEight days into 2013 I declared that Hannah Reid, the lead vocalist of London Grammar, has the best voice you’ll hear sing this year. I still stand by that, but I must add that I don’t say this to undermine the contribution of Dan Rothman and Dot Major: their sparse, simple arrangements – mostly a bit of percussion and some piano, borrowing as much from Massive Attack to the xx to Zero 7 at its quietest – keeps the mood low key while elevating the drama. If You Wait is the sound of intimacy in an empty, cavernous theater. But at 63 minutes long, it just goes on and on; the songs’ power is diminished the longer it goes, the more you realize they’re just playing with the same elements. There’s a respite by the later third of the album (and I mean the Disclosure collaboration that worked on their album but not this one) but you might still start thinking that the record – which The Guardian described as an album for a quarter-life crisis – is all mopey. A little restraint would’ve done wonders for them, but still, for a first offing, just nine months after the release of “Hey Now”, it’s quite impressive. [NB]3/5


3 thoughts on “Review: If You Wait by London Grammar

  1. I really like the floaty, soft sound they come into towards the end. I just find myself getting more and more into her voice. It’s definitely the focal point of their music. I would love to see these guys on tour. I imagine their live show would be similar to The xx’s live show. Smoldering and sorta creepy. Very entertaining. Definitely buy this record and support these guys!

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