Review: MGMT by MGMT

MGMT by MGMTIt must be hard to be a band like MGMT. You break out with some of the poppiest songs on the indie-sphere, and then, for your second album, you completely move away and go for a weird, cool, particularly indecipherable record. That one got mixed reactions, so if you’re to stay viable rather than be continually seen as weird, what do you do? MGMT is a reboot of sorts for the New York duo… and it’s, well, I don’t know. The hooks of Oracular Spectacular aren’t back – they did say this sounds more like Congratulations, but while that was deliberately quiet and subdued, this one feels… well, I don’t know. Confused? It is still as adorable as the sophomore release in places, but it mostly feels like the second record slapped with the first record like a fish. In tracks like “Astro-Mancy” and “Alien Days” it comes together; in other places, well, you’ll have to be a dedicated fan to stick around. [NB]3/5

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