Review: Days Are Gone by Haim

Days Are Gone by HaimHaim is perhaps one of the buzziest bands of the past twelve months: from the release of their first single “Forever” to being put on top of the BBC’s Sound of 2013 list, it seemed the three sisters (and one drummer guy) from Los Angeles have nowhere to go but up. But with the release of their debut album, Days Are Gone, it’s clear that time wasn’t always on their side. Maybe it’s because of how the bloggers (me included) latched on to anything the band released these past few months. More likely it’s their decision to have half of the album comprise of tracks previously released on their EPs. There should be something exciting about the group’s often ethereal mix of jumpy alt-folk and 90s hip-hop, but in the eleven months since “Forever” it feels like you’ve heard it all. That said, among the new tracks, “My Song 5” packs a surprising punch, while “If I Could Change Your Mind” plays with the Haim template in an unexpected way. I just wish that, after all the hype these past few months, I was a bit more excited about this. [NB]3/5

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