Review: Pure Heroine by Lorde

Pure Heroine by LordeWhether you’re approaching Lorde as a jittery, oddly jazzier Lana del Ray, or as a slick, leftfield take on electro-pop, there’s a lot to appreciate on her first record. Pure Heroine is cunning. You’ve probably heard the singles but that’s just scratching the surface.”Glory and Gore” and “A World Alone” are surprisingly glossy;, while “Ribs” sounds quietly sinister in its accessibility. Powering it all is Ella Yelich-O’Connor’s thoughtful, if a bit off-kilter, words (she wrote or co-wrote all ten tracks on the record) and her striking voice, defying the fact that she’s 16, actually sounding not that far – a very jaded 24, maybe? There are a lot of smart decisions on Pure Heroine, and the result is a album that will not set the world on fire as everybody hopes, but is utterly satisfying nonetheless. [NB] | 4/5

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